City of Nicholson


wellcome    The City of Nicholson, originally named Cooper, the change to Nicholson was noted as early as 1876 when The Forest News described the stations on the Northeastern Railroad’s Athens to Lula run. The name Cooper was in honor of the Willis Cooper farm just below Nicholson. The people of Cooper, desiring a railroad depot informed President J. Nicholson “that they would name the town after him if he would make a fuel stop in Cooper so they could sell their wood to the railroad.” The fuel stop was created and the name change occurred and was reported in local papers as early as 1876, however, the post office at Cooper did not change its name to Nicholson until February 2, 1882.

“Some places are praised for the magnificent buildings, while others are honored for the fine scenery. Nicholson would not take the prize of the above cases, yet she can furnish just as good, cultured people as any town.”
Jewett Barnett – Jackson Herald 1917

     Situated between the cities of Athens and Commerce, the town has predominantly been a farming community through the years; moreover, the poultry industry was and continues to be an essential part of the local economy. Other commercial endeavors such as general stores, a mattress factory, jewelry store, hat factory, cotton gins just to name a few have enriched and enhanced the lives of Nicholson’s citizens in many ways. Nicholson has always been the home of professionals in business, education, government, law, humanities and the arts, and medicine.

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