City of Nicholson

April 2017 Minutes

Nicholson Community Center
129 Lakeview Dr, Nicholson GA 30565
April 3, 2017

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order by Mayor Jan Webster. Attending: Mayor Jan Webster, Council Members –Mike Barfield, Max Whitlock, Lamar Watkins, and City Clerk – Debra Fontaine. Mainstreet News – Charles Phelps, John Ring-Chairman Nicholson Planning Commission. City Attorney-Jody Campbell was not present.

Pledge of Allegiance

Max motioned to approve the February 6, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes; Mike seconded, all were in favor. Motion approved.

Max motioned to approve the February & March 2017 Financials; Lamar seconded, all were in favor. Motion approved.

No March 6, 2017 Council Meeting (Voting Session)

NEW BUSINESS: (No New Business)

Adopt Ordinance to accept Daffodil Court as City Street – Jan explained to council members that Daffodil Court was a part of the previous neighborhood-Ivy Plantation-whose roads were formally accepted by the city in February 2017. Daffodil Court was an oversight in the description on previous ordinance and therefore needs formal approval of acceptance into the city. Mike motioned to accept Daffodil Court as a City Street, Lamar seconded and Max opposed; Jan voted making the 3rd Affirmative vote. Motion was approved.

City Hall Hours – Jan asked if there was discussion over the request from Mike Barfield that City Hall hours change to doors open from 8:00AM – 4:00PM. Mike expressed his opinion that the doors should not lock at 2:00 but remain open until employees leave at 4:00PM. Jan explained that the city allows the time from 2:00pm – 4:00pm for appointments, and for paperwork to be done, as well as other office work. Mike motioned to change City Hall hours to 8:00AM – 4:00PM without doors locking at 2:00PM. Lamar seconded. Max opposed the vote; Judy was absent but called the City Clerk to express her vote that the office hours NOT change. Due to the City not having a third affirmative vote on the motion, the motion failed.
Lamar motioned to table the motion to change City Hall hours until next meeting when Judy would be present, Max seconded. Motion was tabled.


Jan invited all to Daisy Festival Meeting on Thursday April 6 @ 6:30 mentioning that all is going well, Irma is doing a great job and there are already 32 vendors signed up. She also mentioned the Daisy Pageant has 12 contestants signed up so far and how well Lamar is doing with planning the Parade-it appears that the festival will be a good one again this year.

Jan thanked Doyle for raising the American Flag in the Council Meeting Room.
Jan also mentioned that the 2016 City Audit is complete and Debbie is currently working on the journal entries provided by our audit firm – Alexander, Almand & Bangs.

Jan told council members that the 1st Annual Spring Clean Up in Nicholson is underway and that the notice was put on the Garbage bills, Water bills, Nicholson Facebook page and Nicholson Website. She reminded everyone that the city will allow all to be brought to the dump site except liquid and hazardous products. Many have called City Hall and plan to take advantage of the opportunity to clean up.


Stats will be available later this week.
Rhonda mentioned that the Community Health Fair did not experience the numbers she had hoped but mentioned that those who participated offered great tools for patrons such as sugar screening, memory test, BMI and blood pressure screening. They also had Insurance information, dental information and free samples.

STEAM night (March 28) – Rhonda and Claire spoke to students at Benton Elementary and EJES about this event. There were 61 attendees. Available: 3D printing, robotics and art projects. Students and parents enjoyed.

Three of Nicholson Library Staff participated in Read Across America celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday at Benton Elementary.

Local Beekeeper came and spoke about honeybees March 23rd.
Summer Reading Program is scheduled and prizes are in. Marti is working on pamphlets. Rhonda volunteered with Jackson County Arts Council for poetry night/celebrating the arts. The Library also scheduled an event on April 25th at 6:00PM – Solar Eclipse with Dr. Snook.

Rhonda also mentioned that the Library needs better signage from the Hwy to the Library for Summer Reading Programs and other events.


Dan Spratling:

• Issue with Jackson County removing pipe across from his house causing excessive flooding.
• Issue with Speed Bumps being removed.
• Issue with Law Enforcement in Nicholson (not in his neighborhood enough)
• Issue with gun shooting in his subdivision, wants noise ordinance enforced or to discuss the noise ordinance.
• Would like people doing business in Nicholson to be required to get a permit before they can do business here.
• Issue with Nicholson Development not keeping up with neighborhood covenants.

Jan told Mr. Spratling she would ask Doyle to contact Jeff Bridges with Jackson County to discuss the situation mentioned regarding pipes being removed and see if this is being addressed by the county. She also told Mr. Spratling that the City is working very hard to make Nicholson a better place to live and many of his issues are already being addressed, discussed, or they are completely out of the cities hands.

Adjournment: Lamar motioned to adjourn; Mike seconded. All were in favor. Motion approved.

Approved by City Clerk

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