City of Nicholson

February 2017 Minutes

Nicholson Community Center
129 Lakeview Dr, Nicholson GA 30565
February 6, 2017

Call to Order – Meeting was called to order by Mayor Jan Webster. In attendance was, Mayor Webster, Council Members – Judy Kesler, Mike Barfield, Max Whitlock, Lamar Watkins, City Attorney-Jody Campbell, and City Clerk – Debra Fontaine. Mainstreet News – Charles Phelps, John Ring-Chairman Nicholson Planning Commission, Jerry Weitz-Jerry Weitz & Associates/Planning & Development Consultants

Pledge of Allegiance

Mike motioned to approve the December 5, 2016 Council Meeting Minutes; Judy seconded, all were in favor. Motion approved.

Judy motioned to approve the December 2016 & January 2017 Financials; Max seconded, all were in favor. Motion approved.


Swear in Mayor Pro Tem – Per city procedures, Debbie swore in Judy Kesler as Mayor Pro Tem for 2017.

Appoint Jep Crane & Chuck Wheeler for 3 year term – Planning & Development – Lamar motioned to appoint Jep Crane and Chuck Wheeler as Board Members for Nicholson Planning Commission for the next 3 years; Mike seconded. Motion approved.

Pyrotecnico Contract – Max motioned that the city continue working with Pyrotecnico for Independence Day Fireworks; Lamar seconded. Motion approved.

Declaration of the following roads to become city streets, by law: The City of Nicholson to adopt an Ordinance to accept the dedication of Pace Drive, Summer Lane, Autumn Drive, Winding Vine Lane, and Ivy Creek Drive as publicly owned roads of the City of Nicholson. The wording of the ordinance was discussed by council members and a motion was made to adopt the Ordinance with the necessary changes that would include all of Ivy Creek Road and not just a portion of Ivy Creek Road.

Mike motioned to amend the ordinance to include all of Ivy Creek rather than a portion of Ivy Creek Road as it is currently stated; Lamar seconded. A vote was taken and approved 3-1. Motion was approved to amend Ordinance. Max was opposed.

Cont. from previous Motion: Mike then motioned to approve Ordinance to accept all roads in Ivy Plantation Subdivision as amended; Lamar seconded. A vote was taken and approved 3 -1. Motion approved. Max was opposed.

Set Qualifying Fees for 2017 Election – The city set and advertised its Qualifying fee of 3% of annual pay, for council members in 2017 Election.

Resolution creating Charter Review Committee – Mike motioned to create a Charter Review Committee; Judy seconded. Motion was approved.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Resolution – Mike motioned to adopt the Resolution of Intent for the City of Nicholson to join the National Flood Insurance Program; Lamar seconded. Motion was approved.

Adopt Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance – Lamar motioned to adopt the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance; Mike seconded. Motion was approved.

Sign Ordinance – (this was left off Agenda in error-by City Clerk)
Judy motioned to adopt the Sign Ordinance as created by Jerry Weitz-Consultant to Nicholson Planning Commission and also approved by the Planning Commission; Lamar seconded. Motion approved.


City Hall Hours – Mike motioned to change the hours of operation for Nicholson City Hall to 9:00 – 5:00PM; Lamar seconded. For lack of a majority vote the motion failed. Mike then motioned that the hours be changed to 8:00 – 4:30pm – this motion also failed. Mike motioned that the meeting move this “OLD BUSINESS” item to the end of Agenda until other business was done, Lamar seconded. Motion approved.
At the end of the meeting Jody Campbell explained that once a motion is made, the failure of that motion terminates the Agenda item. Therefore the changing of city hall hours will be reintroduced at a future council meeting.


• Jan told council members that the city cut down the trees at city hall and explained that the trees were diseased and needed to be removed. She also told council members that Doyle and the Maintenance Team will make sure the filling of the holes in the parking lot takes place. Jan also commended the work done on the Community Center Parking Lot.
• Jan and John Ring met with Lynn O’Neill, a representative from DeNyse Company, regarding a City Sign. City Signage is on the Nicholson Comprehensive Plan. Jan mentioned that she also spoke with Commerce regarding their signage and reminded council members that this is something the city will be working on to fulfill that portion of the comprehensive plan. She is willing to take care of the landscaping around the sign once it’s complete.
• Daisy Festival meeting went well – Lamar will be in charge of the Parade – Mechelle will be in charge of the Miss Daisy Pageant – Benton Elementary will be the Grand Marshall of the Parade-Margaret Ward and Pam will be in charge of that and get the students (old and present) involved as well – Jan said the festival is something that can improve the city image so it is important that everyone works together to make it a success.


Rhonda discussed upcoming library programs:

• Tuesday Feb 28th at 6:30 beginning conversational Japanese with native speaker and using Mango at the library.

• Saturday March 11 Community Health Fair from 1:00-3:00pm at the Nicholson Community Center.

• Tuesday March 28th- 6 pm STEAM night for 3-5th grade students at the library.

• Tuesday April 25 at 6:30 program for the family about the upcoming solar eclipse

The library is getting ready for Summer Reading Program.

Rhonda also reported that the Nicholson Library statistics were good for January 2017. She also asked if the Library could use SPLOST for Library computers. The Library is in need of computers for both patrons and staff.


Adjournment: Lamar motioned to adjourn; Max seconded. All were in favor. Motion approved.

Approved by City Clerk

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