City of Nicholson

May 2017 Minutes

Nicholson Council Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2017
7:00 P.M. Community Center
129 Lakeview Dr,
Nicholson GA 30565

Call to Order –
Attending: Mayor Jan Webster, Council Members –Mike Barfield, Max Whitlock, Lamar Watkins, and City Admin Irma Robles, Mainstreet News – Charles Phelps, (City Attorney-Jody Campbell and City Clerk Debra Fontaine were not present. Debbie was in training).

Pledge of Allegiance
Mike motioned to approve the April 3, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes once clarified by City Clerk for accuracy; Max seconded, all were in favor. Motion approved. City Clerk notified Mike by email that the Minutes were accurate.
Mike motioned to approve the April 2017 Financials; Max seconded, all were in favor. Motion approved.


Title VI – GDOT – Jan explained that approving the Title VI Agreement was merely a mandatory statewide agreement between cities and GDOT in order for cities to be state compliant to receive Federal grant money. Max first asked if Jody was able to get the amended agreement, motioned to adopt the Title VI Agreement with GDOT; Lamar seconded. All were in favor.


Changing City Hall Hours – Lamar motioned to change city hall hours from 8 to 4; Mike seconded. A vote was taken and Max was opposed and Judy was not present. Motion failed for lack of a 3rd affirmative vote.



Rhonda reported that the Solar Eclipse program went well. Summer Reading program is ready. May 2nd –EJMS Program for incoming 6th graders.
May 3rd –Benton for the presentation of the students book on Benton.
May 5th –Career Day at EJES
May 5th –Daisy Festival
May 6th –Daisy Festival
May 8th –Career Day SJES
May 10th –Program on Summer Reading EJES
Rhonda is working on dates to discuss Summer Reading Program at Benton and at South Jackson. Registration for Summer Reading begins Thursday May 25th. The Library will continue their ongoing programs on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings.


Adjournment: Lamar motioned to adjourn; Max seconded. All were in favor. Motion approved.

Approved by City Clerk

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