City of Nicholson

Planning Commission







Chairman                         John Ring      
Vice Chairman                 Bobby Russell
Member                           Chuck Wheeler
Member                           Jep Crane      
Member                           Roger Cosby 

Zoning-Administrator       Debbie Fontaine


The objective of the Nicholson Planning Commission is to assure that the use of property is beneficial to the health, sanitation, cleanliness, welfare, and safety of the inhabitants of the City of Nicholson. The City’s Comprehensive Plan serves as an overall guide for development of the City, while the City of Nicholson Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations provide specific details about how that development is to take place.

The Nicholson Planning Commission consists of 5 members appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serve a 3 year term of office. The primary role of the Planning commission is advisory in nature, but the Commission is a vital part of the planning process of the City.

In general, the Planning Commission’s responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To hold public hearings and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council on zoning matters within the city
  2. To hold public hearings, review and approve subdivision plans
  3. To recommend Comprehensive Plan amendments
  4. To perform any special projects as assigned by the Mayor and City Council
  5. To review and make recommendations on the building and site design proposals, particularly for commercial developments


The Nicholson Planning Commission meets the First Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Nicholson City Hall (West entrance) 175 Lakeview Dr., Nicholson, GA 30565. All meetings are open to the public.

The Planning Commission’s activities are coordinated through the Zoning Administrator. All inquiries regarding the Planning Commission should be directed to the Zoning Administrator at City Hall.